08/01/2018 by Leonardo Brum Fornasier in Aviation Market

03 Tips to calculate the Aircraft Operating Cost

When are we talking about buying a new aircraft the big question is: How much is the operating cost? In this post, I will give you 03 tips to calculate the Aircraft Operating Cost.

01. You can Talk with others operators

If you want to buy a small plane like Cessna 172 or a big jet like a Gulfstream the rule is the same: Call or send an e-mail to someone which are already flying the aircraft and ask questions to them about the operating costs.

With this simple action, you will be very aware of the costs and problems of the aircraft that you want to buy, the ones which are already operating the aircraft will give you a more precise feedback.

You can also get in contact with maintenance centers certified for the aircraft to get detailed information about maintenance cost and engine programs.

02. You can ask questions to your Aircraft Dealer

Your Aircraft Dealer can always be very helpful in these cases. He can put you in contact with other operators and provide you with detailed information about operating costs.

Yes, I know that he is trying to sell you something but you need to have in mind what are your goals with the aircraft and be very clear to your sales professional about those goals.

Remember, a good Aircraft Dealer will always watch your back to make sure that the aircraft will not just fit your budget but will also make you happy with predictable and affordable costs.

Where can you find an Aircraft Dealer to Help you?

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Aircraft Operating Cost

03. You can use Online Tools

Another very good alternative is to use one of the tools on the internet which you can generate reports about the operating costs for the aircraft that you want to buy.

Some of those are free, others have a little fee, which, in my opinion, are very affordable when we are talking about a big investment like an airplane.

Few dollars in a report can make your life easier and free of bad surprises.

Here the Tools to Calculate the Aircraft Operating Cost:

Aircraft Cost Calculator

Aircraft Operating Costs Calculator by Freight Metrics: FREE OPTION!

Aircraft Cost Evaluator by Conklin & Decker

A previous good research about the operating costs will be a great investment in the future of your operations.

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