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2006 American Champion 7EC | N707WM

2006 American Champion 7EC 306 TT; $89,500; Call for Details!

2006 American Champion 7EC

N707WM Ser#1002-2006

306 Total Time Since New

306 Hrs. Since New; Continental 0-200-A 4 Cylinder (100 HP) (2000 Hr. TBO)

Sensenich W69EK48 (Wood Fixed Pitch Propeller)


Garmin 496 GPS MAP (Panel Mount)

Garmin Sl40 Com (10 Watt) (with joystick control)

Garmin GTX-327 Transponder /w Encoder


Adjustable Front Seat

Electric Starter

Hamilton Flat Compass

Shoulder Harness (Pilot & Co-Pilot)

Intercom (2 Place)

Engine Primer (Manual)

Mic Button

Airspeed Indicator


Hydraulic Toe Brakes

Parking Brake

Dual Flight Controls & Rudder Pedals

Engine Choke

Fuel Mixture Control

12 Volt Battery

Master Switch

Map Storage Pockets

Luggage Compartment

Ventilator (2 Place)

Heating System

18 gallon fuel tank


Overall Canary Yellow with Blue Trim (9/l0)


Gray Fabric and Vinyl (2 Place Tandem Seating) (9/10)


Service Ceiling: 12,000’

Cruising Speed: 92mph

Fuel cons. 6gph (cruising)

TO dist (sl/68F): 494’

Landing dist (sl/68F)): 406’

Price: $89,500

$485 Per Month

$17,900 Down Payment, Balance of

$71,600 20 Yr. Simple Interest Loan, 5.29%

Fixed for 5 yrs. No Prepayment Penalty

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