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Posted August 22, 2016 at 4:40 pm by SmartJets

2018 MD 600N

NEW BUILD: The 2018 MD 600N is an eight-place, light, single-turbine engine helicopter that provides high performance and increased capacity to give the customer greater versatility. All with dramatically low operating costs. It flies faster, hovers higher, and provides the agility and exceptional handling for which the MD 500® series is known.



Additional Equipment

With its advanced NOTAR® anti-torque system, the MD 600N® is a member of an exclusive class of the safest, quietest helicopters in the world.


– Gross Weight (Ramp): 2,100 lbs.
– Max TakeOff Weight: 4,100 lbs.
– Fuel Capacity: 770 lbs.
– Max Landing Weight: 0 Ibs.
– MaxZero Fuel Weight: 0 lbs.


– Length: 29.6
– Height: 9.7
– Span: 8.8


– Max Range: 0
– Max Speed: 134
– Max Altitude: 13,500

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