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Jetcraft is a leader in international aircraft sales, marketing, and ownership strategies, managing over 20 offices globally. The company’s success over more than 50 years in business aviation has earned it a world-class reputation, along with an exceptional customer base, a wide network of connections and one of the largest inventories in the industry.


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Van Bortel Aircraft

Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc. is The World’s Largest Cessna Dealer!

We only sell the very best Cessna aircraft and deliver them to our customers the way we would want them delivered. Every Cessna we sell comes with our exclusive 100{1886b2acf11a492c620cf5e5076775f507b88fb5e3cd0a9da2b56748c48a7438} money back guarantee and our Purchase Protection Plan®. At Van Bortel, your satisfaction is our reputation!

Our culture is simple: we have a great admiration for the general aviation community and its people. We do business the old fashion way: with integrity, respect and trust. We care about people, our customers, vendors and employees; doing the right thing by them is what we are all about! We feel honored to be in this business and to serve our customers every day.


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As the largest private aircraft leasing company in the world, JetLease has set the highest standards in private, corporate, commercial and military aviation services since 1983. Clients trust JetLease professionals to provide them with the best aircraft to fit their needs, coupled with the most aggressive financial structures available.

“JetLease will not endorse an aircraft that does not pass our scrutiny and is not priced fairly,” said Russell Dise, JetLease president. “We will not put our client in an aircraft that does not meet our stringent standards.”

JetLease remains dedicated to its customers throughout the entire purchase, sale, lease, finance and ownership process, leaving every client confident about their choices and serving them long after they take possession of their new aircraft.


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