What are the Declared Runway Distances?

Hello Aviators! Let´s talk about Declared Runway Distances as ICAO defines it for performance calculations. TODA, ASDA, TORA, LDA and little bit about RESA. What is Clearway? Clearway is an obstacle-free area which minimum 75m either side of the extended center-line of the runway. Clearway is not included in the accelerate to stop distance calculation

What are the Aircraft Weight Definitions?

Today is the day to talk a little more about the Aircraft Weight Definitions. I know there will be a few weight definitions missing but the missing ones will be on future posts. What is Variable Load? Variable Load is the weight of the cabin crew with their baggage and removable units like catering loads.

03 Tips to calculate the Aircraft Operating Cost

When are we talking about buying a new aircraft the big question is: How much is the operating cost? In this post, I will give you 03 tips to calculate the Aircraft Operating Cost. 01. You can Talk with others operators If you want to buy a small plane like Cessna 172 or a big

What is a good Aircraft Sales Professional?

This is a very good question because a good Aircraft Sales Professional can make the difference when you are buying or selling an airplane. Tyler Holt which is President of AVSky corporation based in Florida made this very good video, where he explains the pillars of a good professional. Make sure to choose wisely the

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