What are the Take-Off Speed Definitions?

The best way for a pilot start a day is being on the runway ready to Take-Off but before we apply the Take-Off thrust let´s study today the Take-Off Speed Definitions to be ready to answer any question from your Flight Instructor. What is Critical Speed? Critical Speed is the lowest speed possible for a

What are the Declared Runway Distances?

Hello Aviators! Let´s talk about Declared Runway Distances as ICAO defines it for performance calculations. TODA, ASDA, TORA, LDA and little bit about RESA. What is Clearway? Clearway is an obstacle-free area which minimum 75m either side of the extended center-line of the runway. Clearway is not included in the accelerate to stop distance calculation

What are the Aircraft Weight Definitions?

Today is the day to talk a little more about the Aircraft Weight Definitions, a very important subject for those who are studying to apply for an Airline interview or for those who are already working in the Aviation market as pilots. What is Variable Load? Variable Load is the weight of the cabin crew

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