How It Works

Want to sell your aircraft quickly & easily?

Why use Plane Listing ?


Plane Listing has access to thousands of buyers Worldwide, searching for their perfect aircraft.

 Create your profile, create your advertisement, and sell your aircraft quickly and easily. Using the latest technology Plane Listing offers a classifieds aquisition marketplace for aircraft buyers and sellers.

How do I sell my aircraft?

It couldn’t be easier to sell your aircraft. Just log into your account, provide the necessary details, pay the advertising fee, and the buyer will be able to contact you directly.

This will give you the control to negotiate your sale, answer relevant questions, upsell other aircraft you’re selling and book buyers for a viewing.

Once you have listed your aircraft

 The buyers will come to you to make the purchase, It doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world; we can help connect you with the next owner of your aircraft. 

The Aircraft for Sale directory gives potential buyers the chance to search through all the aircraft for sale on Plane Listing.


How do I find an aircraft ?

You can view our new listings and scroll through our adverts

If you are after a specific aircraft use our search function and filter options.
Here you can view pictures, videos and specifications of your chosen aircraft.

You can also contact the seller with any further questions